Cheap laptop deals: 10 of the best for under £300, including HP, Lenovo and Apple Macbooks

These days, laptop prices can go well into the thousands, from the new Microsoft netbooks to the latest Apple Mac, but if you’re after a speedy device to meet your university deadlines, surf the web, and catch up on Netflix, you don’t have to splash out to find gold.

If you’re shopping for a new laptop and are a student, don’t forget to ask for student discount – you’ll be surprised how many retailers offer it (including Apple!). For non-students, always try your luck for a freebie with your expensive purchase – whether it’s a complimentary USB stick or a laptop bag, there’s often something up for grabs.

To help you find a good deal, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best laptop deals going right now below.

Additional deals and discounts

  • If you’re looking at getting a new laptop for your stint at uni, you can bag a bonus 10% off all Dell laptops with UNiDAYS. You can read all the details about getting yours on the Dell site.
  • Ordering yours from Free McAfee security (worth £79) is included with the purchase of any laptop or desktop from the retailer until the 12th October, with the McAfee code is sent through an email after purchase.

1. Lenovo Ideapad 11.6″ Laptop, £199.99

Thin, light and with hours of battery life, you can take this laptop anywhere with you

Super thin and lightweight, the Lenovo Ideapad is ideal for those after a portable device for work or university, or just to have around the house for the little ones.

With 8 hours of battery life, its not only super affordable but worth every penny, rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s customer reviews by over 250 people.

How much is it? £199.99 on Amazon.

2. HP Stream 14” Laptop, £209.99 (was £249.99)

An amazing colour to match an amazing price (Image: HP)

This bright blue HP laptop is lightweight and easy to lug around – efficient, and does what every laptop should do, fast.

It’s a compact all-in-one – and therefore has no disk drive, but it does come fully loaded with a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Access, so you can get to work right-away without having to buy any other software.

How much is it? £209.99 at Currys PC World, with a one year warranty included.

3. Refurbished: HP 14″ Elitebook 8470p, £239.99

Clumsy? This may be the computer for you

A sturdy keyboard that has been carefully designed to shrug off scuffs, bumps and inadvertent liquid spills, it even has a drain hole and liquid resistant keyboard.

Its stylish platinum silver slab however means that it’s still fairly light, and safety hasn’t come in front of appearance.

How much is it? £200 from Amazon.

Stuck on which Lenovo laptop is right for you? Find out in our guide.

4. Acer CB3-131 11.6″ Chromebook, £149.99

Based on a similar design to MacBooks, but without the high price

Small, light and easy to understand, the Acer Chromebook features up to 9 hours of battery life. There’s also a built in webcam for clear, bright video calls to stay connected with friends and family.

This Chromebook also features a ComfyView display, so there’s less strain on your eyes.

How much is it? £149.99 from Currys

5. HP 14″ Jet Black laptop, £289 (was £379.99)

Perfect for all uses (Image: Currys)

Its elegant design means you can look good as you compute wherever you are (be it work, train, in a lecture or simply watching a film), and it can stay going for up to eight and a half hours without charge.

The HP 14 is part of HP’s social range, which aims to keep you connected as best as possible, and you can also save £20 off Microsoft Office when you buy with any laptop at Currys at the moment.

How much is it? £289 at Currys

6. Acer Switch One 10, £179.99

Get the best of both worlds with this nifty gadget

Can’t decide between a laptop or a tablet? Get this genius mix of both, whose latch-less magnet hinge means that switching between the two is super easy and doesn’t feel like you’re breaking your new gadget.

Its brushed metal colour and high res screen add an extra special touch to an already bargainous piece of tech.

How much is it? £179.99 at Amazon

7. Refurbished: Apple Macbook white 13″, £260

A vintage refurbished Apple MacBook for a fraction of the usual price

Refurbished products have been checked over and worked on to look and work like new, with limited to no signs of wear. As they aren’t brand new, they are much cheaper than their straight-from-the-shop counterparts.

This vintage Apple Macbook is currently on deal and would make the ideal gift for those that are interested in an Apple laptop, but without as much of a hefty price tag.

The laptop runs on Yosemite and is fully ready to use – just make sure you check the condition of refurbished products before you buy.

How much is it? £260 from Amazon.

8. Acer Swift 1, £249.99

An incredible price for a high tech device

A thin and light laptop that provides the richest of colour in 14 inch HD with a long battery life. Part of Argos’ ‘Wow’ laptop picks, where prices reach into the thousands, this is a quality computer for an extremely underestimated price.

You can also add McAfee Internet Security and Microsoft Office to it for no extra cost at all, just add the set of two here to your basket for no extra cost. (Or catalogue number 673/8273.)

How much is it? £249.99 at Argos

9. Lenovo 10.1″ Tablet in silver, £199.99

This laptop slash tablet can also connect to mobile data meaning you’re always able to get work done

Designed for on-the-go webaholics who need data all-day, every day, this is a handy tablet complete with keyboard.

10 hours of battery life means you can be productive anytime, anywhere, but is also great for people who need a one-device-fits-all, so they can seamlessly go from writing essays and reports, to laying in bed catching up on their favourite TV show.

How much is it? £199.99 at Argos.

10. Acer Aspire Chromebook 11.6″ in blue, £212.99

laptops direct
Not just a pretty face… this Chromebook is super-fast too

A big bang in a small box, this is an online-orenitated laptop designed to get you into the Cloud faster, with a super-fast wireless connection plus a host of other features. Wireless networking gives online browsing a big boost that won’t be slowed down by clogged up devices.

All set up with Windows 10 and raring to go, complete with Cortana (the voice controlled digital assistant that allows you to get things done hands-free).